2023 GENERAL Election

Please consider our recommendations below with your VOTE ON NOVEMBER 7TH! 

The election of Daniel McCaffrey to the Supreme Court is very important in the event of challenges to abortion, LGBTQ and other rights and to the integrity of our PA 2024 spring presidential primary and fall presidential elections.

With respect to other elected offices at the local, county, state and federal levels, ADA encourages you to consider candidates with progressive values. Important issues to consider are protecting and expanding: 

Also vital to Pennsylvania’s economy and wellbeing will be the upcoming reauthorization of the Farm Bill (SNAP), preservation and enhancement of farmland and more.

2023 Primary Election

We are pleased to send you Americans for Democratic Action of Southeastern Pennsylvania’s recommendations for the May 16 primary. This year in Philadelphia, we are fortunate to have many qualified candidates for City Council and for Mayor. With respect for the Mayor’s race, our board was split between two strong candidates. We have recommended both and leave the choice up to voters. There are many candidates in the race for Bucks, Chester, Delaware County Courts. We were unable to vet them all. We encourage citizens from these counties to evaluate their judicial candidates on the basis of integrity, judicial temperament, and a consideration for the well-being of county citizens. Please remember to VOTE on May 16!

2022 Primary Election


Josh Shapiro

US Senate

Malcolm Kenyatta

Philadelphia Charter Questions: Vote YES

PA House Candidates

HD 10 - Cassandra Green

HD 29 - Timothy Patrick Brennan

HD 31 - Perry Warren

HD 54 - Rochelle Culbreath

HD 74 - Dan Williams

HD 96 - Dana Hemp Gulick

HD 166 - David Brown

HD 181 - Malcolm Kenyatta

HD 182 - Ben Waxman

HD 194 - Pam Delissio

HD 200 - Chris Rabb

PA Senate Candidates

SD 4 - Art Haywood

SD12 - Maria Collett

2021 Primary Election

Americans for Democratic Action, Southeastern Pennsylvania Chapter is proud to endorse the following judicial candidates:


Maria McLaughlin


Timika Lane


Lori Dumas

Sierra Street

Court of COMMON PLEAS (Philadelphia)

(This year the field of judicial candidates was exceptionally talented. Therefore, we have made nine recommendations to consider for the eight openings on the Court of Common Pleas. Voters can make their selections.)

Wendi Barish

Christopher Hall

Michele Hangley

Nicolas Kamau

Craig Levin

Cateria McCabe

Mark Moore

Dan Sulman

Betsy Wahl

MUNICIPAL COURT (Philadelphia)

Gregory Yorgey-Girdy


Larry Krasner


 Rebecca Rhynhart


No. 1   NO

No. 2   NO

No. 3   YES

No. 4   YES


No. 5   YES

2020 General Election

Americans for Democratic Action is proud to endorse these candidates in the 2020 General Election. Each of them demonstrates the values and commitment to progressive action that we believe is the foundation of a healthy democracy.

Election Day is November 3! Make your plan to vote today. Information about registering to vote, applying for a mail-in ballot, early voting locations, and polling places can be found at www.votespa.com.

Endorsed Candidates

PA Statewide

Auditor General Nina Ahmad

US Congress

CD-04 Madeleine Dean

CD-05 Mary Gay Scanlon

PA Senate

SD-13 Janet Diaz

SD-17 Amanda Cappelletti

PA House

HD-26 Paul Friel

HD-29 Marlene Katz

HD-31 Perry Warren

HD-142 Lauren Lareau

HD-151 Jonathan Kassa

HD-152 Nancy Guenst

HD-157 Melissa Shusterman

HD-160 Anton Andrew

HD-168 Deb Ciamacca

HD-170 Mike Doyle

HD-184 Elizabeth Fiedler

HD-188 Rick Krajewski