Americans for Democratic Action

Southeastern PA Chapter


Americans for Democratic Action, Southeastern PA Chapter has a long record of progressive action. Formed in March 1947 by 100 Philadelphia area civic leaders, the chapter joined the newly formed national ADA which was founded by Eleanor Roosevelt, Hubert Humphrey, Walter Reuther, and John Kenneth Galbraith to perpetuate and expand the legacy of the New Deal. The national Americans for Democratic Action (ADA) organization is now one of the oldest liberal political organization in the country. Our own PA State Senator Art Haywood is the National President for ADA.


From the drafting and adoption of the Philadelphia Home Rule Charter in 1951 to the movement to recall Mayor Frank Rizzo, the history of Southeastern Pennsylvania Chapter of ADA is the history of progressive politics in the Philadelphia region. We continue as a leading local watchdog for Progressive Values, Good Government, and the Advancement of Democracy.


From its national base in Washington, DC, ADA lobbies and works for liberal ideals and liberal candidates, and such progressive issues as universal healthcare, a woman’s right to choose, arms control and disarmament, civil liberties and civil rights, sensible gun control, public education, an end to hate crimes and discrimination, and good government.


The Southeastern Pennsylvania Chapter of ADA, based in Philadelphia, works to unite for common counsel and action progressive forces in the Philadelphia metropolitan area who are concerned with the preservation and extension of democracy. We dedicate ourselves, as an organization of progressives, to the achievement of freedom and economic security for all peoples everywhere through education and advocacy. We strive to be a watchdog for Good Government and Sustainable Planning.

A Selection of Historical Actions by ADA SEPA


Our chapter’s mission is to promote good government, progressive values, and the advancement of democracy while advocating for social and economic justice. We do this by evaluating and endorsing candidates for public and elected office and hosting educational programs for the general public. We have also made a commitment as a Board to focus on racial equity in everything we do. For the 2021 Primary election, we intend to focus on in depth evaluations & endorsements of judicial candidates for all levels of Pennsylvania Courts. Over the last year, we have co-hosted Town Halls on topics such as Public Banking and Reparations. In 2022 we celebrated our 75th Anniversary, join us for the next 75 years!